Program Overview

program overview

The online Master of Infrastructure Planning & Management provides students with the tools to ensure that vital systems are secure and resilient in the face of natural and manmade threats and incidents.

Students in the program learn to assess and mitigate a variety of hazards with the latest tools and strategies. The expert-designed curriculum offers a unique blend of strategic planning and systems theory, giving you a holistic view of the interconnected systems that make up the modern infrastructure of society – communications, public health, water, energy, food and transportation.

The degree is offered by the UW Department of Urban Design and Planning.

Major program features include:

  • In-depth courses on vital topics such as infrastructure finance, risk assessment and business continuity, emergency management, climate change, geographic information systems, and epidemiology and health hazards
  • Thorough examination of key infrastructure systems and their essential components through the lens of strategic planning and policy analysis
  • Expert instruction from highly experienced faculty at the forefront of their fields
  • Updated curriculum shaped by input from an advisory board featuring leading faculty and industry professionals
  • Online courses and materials that employ cutting-edge technologies
  • Case-based and problem-based instruction that focuses on strategic thinking and leadership skills
  • Capstone project that provides students with an opportunity to conduct research and delve into a specific area of the field

Program Format

The main MIPM master's degree is a two-year program, lasting eight quarters and consisting of 15 completely online courses. Students take two courses each quarter, with the exception of one quarter, for a total of 45 credits.

Who Should Apply

This program is designed for candidates who want advanced training in the field of infrastructure planning and management. Applicants are required to have a bachelor's degree, and two to three years of post-college work experience in a related field is strongly recommended.

Infrastructure planning and management is an emerging field, and this degree program has relevant applications for a wide variety of fields and occupations, including careers in private industry, government and the military.

See the Admissions page for details about how to apply.

At a Glance

Credits: 45
Learning Format: Online
Length: 8 quarters
Cost: $681 per credit


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