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Online Master of Infrastructure Planning & Management

Floodplain Management Course Series

The Master of Infrastructure Planning & Management offers a Floodplain Management Course Series which enables students to earn their master's with a focus on the study of coastal and riverine floodplain management. Instructors in this program have extensive experience helping communities solve complex floodplain issues around the world and at federal, state and local levels.

Flooding is an extremely daunting and costly challenge facing society, and the effects of global climate change will intensify flooding issues around the globe, from stronger hurricanes in the Gulf Coast to increasing coastal flooding in Indonesia. On a global scale, flooding impacts 21 million people annually. There is a high demand for professionals with specialized training in designing and implementing solutions that address floodplain issues.

flooded town illustration and field trip

This specialized series of courses is designed to prepare you for the Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM) exam and help you understand the role of FEMA in floodplain management. You're not required to obtain the CFM certification after completing the Floodplain Management Course Series.

You will have the option of attending class in person or online during the scheduled class times, or watching the class recordings at a later time. Participants attending remotely will be able to view their classmates when the class is in session. Attendance in the classroom or online during the scheduled class times is strongly encouraged, but not required. 

All students must take 5 out of the 6 systems courses offered in their second year in the program. All courses are 3 credits. 

Second-Year Course Options

Autumn Quarter
IPM 506: Energy Systems 
IPM 510: Water Systems
URBDP 526: Planning for Floodplain Management Communities*

Winter Quarter
IPM 513: Capstone A: Research Design (Required)
IPM 514: Transportation Systems
URBDP 549: Hazards Mitigation*

Spring Quarter
IPM 512: Public Health Systems
IPM 513: Capstone B: Implementation (Required)

Summer Quarter
IPM 509: Communications & Cyber Infrastructure Systems
IPM 511: Food Systems

*Students can substitute a floodplain management course in place of one system course.