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Online Master of Infrastructure Planning & Management

CBE Mentor Program

Interested in learning how you can successfully transition from a graduate program to a career position through one-on-one guidance and mentorship?

The new CBE Mentor Program at the College of Built Environments is an excellent opportunity to supercharge your education by meeting one-on-one with a caring and successful professional in your field. Whether you expect to graduate this spring, or in a couple of years, a mentor can help you prepare for that transition through career exploration, networking and professional skill-building. 

How it Works

Watch this video overview.

The program will do its best to match students with mentors according to student preferences and interests. Mentors typically work with students one-on-one; mentors can also work with small groups consisting of 1-2 mentors and 4-5 students.

Time Commitment

The program begins in November and runs through May. Mentor/mentee pairs are encouraged to meet at least twice per quarter for one hour — this is a total of 6 meetings in one academic year. CBE provides a handbook that includes suggestions for discussion topics and activities. The event launches with a kick-off event every fall to be announced on the Seattle campus. Optional events and activities for mentoring pairs will also be shared through regular emails from the program office.